Ghana Economic Development Summit

About GEDS 2023

The Ghana Economic Development Summit is an annual Ghana-centric conference designed to raise new minds to interrogate sound economic policy constructs towards the b development and transformation of Ghana’s economy.

GEDS 2023 is set to bring together top economists, leading researchers, ministers of state, private sector business leaders, central bankers, representatives from civil society organizations, academics, and thought leaders to drive conversations on how to shape Ghana’s economy.

The Summit aims to discuss Ghana’s journey with establishing herself at the central stage in the global economy. We will reflect on the steps that Ghana has taken so far, talk about how companies, new and old are disrupting the markets today, and talk about what more needs to be done going forward for Ghana to lead on all fronts.

Ghana Economic Development Summit (GEDS) is co-hosted by the Ghana Economic Society and the Institute of Chartered Economists (ICCE).


Why participate in GEDS 2023?

➣ Gain significant insights, viewpoints and perspectives on the consequences of a range of unprecedented global and regional policies affecting Ghana’s economy.

➣ Hear from innovators and new economic thinkers who are disrupting traditional approaches, creating impact and leading the way to a better future.

➣ You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the political landscape and potential risk factors to consider in today and beyond.

➣ Develop your creativity and problem-solving skills by rethinking economic issues, questioning assumptions and getting involved in the Ghana’s economic transformation agenda.

➣ Pre-arranged one-to-one business meetings with policy makers, government representatives and private sector business leaders.

Summit in numbers

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GEDS Format

  • Keynote Address

    Listen to insight driven keynote addresses at the Festival. Presenting a compelling solution through the use of proven case studies. All geared towards Ghana’s economic transformation agenda.

  • Panel Discussions

    There will be interactive panel discussions to address the most relevant topics relating to Ghana’s economy.

  • 5 Star Networking

    Opportunity to network with industry leaders, policy makers and private business leaders.

GEDS key focus sectors

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